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How to get in touch with Ann Widdecombe

An important message from Ann...

As of 1st January 2021 I'm no longer able to always answer individual emails.

I will carefully read everything which you send me but I am no longer either an MP or MEP and have no standing to make representations on your behalf, no matter how much I would like to. If you need assistance with dealing with a local or national body then please contact your own MP.

This does not apply to any correspondence that arrived before the 1st January 2021 and any ongoing issues will remain live.

I am very sorry to have to take this step but the volume of emails on my Brexit Party account and on my personal web site has reached an extent that makes it impossible for a semi-retired person without a fully staffed office to manage individual responses.

I hope that all my correspondents, whether favourable or unfavourable to me, have a happy and prosperous 2021.

Contacting Ann for media engagements...

Ann Widdecombe's agent is:

Andrew Wilson
Cloud 9 Management Ltd
3rd Floor
2 Archer Street

  • Tel: 0207 637 2903
  • For paid speaking engagements...

    Contact the above.

    For all enquiries about Ann's books...

    Caroline Dawnay
    United Agents
    12-26 Lexington St
    W1F 0LE

  • Tel: 0203 214 0800
  • For feedback on any of Ann's Daily Express articles...

    Express Newspapers
    The Northern & Shell Building
    10 Lower Thames St
    EC3R 6EN

    Please note, there may be a delay in response as the Express save up letters and send them to Ann in batches.

    MP Communications are no longer forwarded...

    Communications are no longer forwarded by the House of Commons, European Parliament or my former constituency office in Maidstone so please do not attempt to reach Ann there.

    If you got this far and would still like to send Ann a message...

    Please note the important message at the top of this page and if you'd still like to send Ann a message, complete the form below. Requests for photographs or autographs MUST be accompanied by an address!

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